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Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
^ What would be your idea for Lizard and Kraven?
I was aiming for Kraven's Last Hunt there but I realised that there needs to be more history between Spidey and Kraven for that to work, and it would take away important screen time from Lizard.

So I'd rather go for Lizard and the police forces (but very different from ASM).

I'd like for a trilogy like this to end with Spidey finally succeeding in saving someone close to him (Connors). It would end in a victory.

Maybe it would be cool (and necessary) to have Kraven in the mix as well, but Kraven's Last Hunt would be impossible to do in one film combined with Lizard's story and Peter's own development. So it would feel very unfortunate to finally have Kraven and still not use one of the best Spidey stories ever.

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