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Film One: Pretty much the same as it is, but an additional fight scene in the subway and extended bridge and sewer fight. Also the introduction of Eddie Brock, JJJ, Osborns, and Doc. Octavius.

Film Two: Takes place a year later. Electro and Kraven as villains. Electro's origin is like it is in SSM. Kraven comes after hearing of New York's animal problems. He seeks Conners. Finds Spidey. They team up once. Ultimately, Electro goes crazy and kills Kraven. He nearly kills Spidey too. Tease GG. Tease symbiote.

Film Three: Shortly after film 2. Green Goblin and Chameleon as villains. GG's identity is up for debate throughout whole film. Chameleon works for GG after Spidey humiliates him. Death of Gwen Stacy. Black suit acquired. Black suit + Gwen's death = ultimate rage. Spidey actually kills GG. He gets rid of black suit at end. Last scene teases Venom.

Film Four: Takes place shortly after film 3. Venom is the villain. He tries to ruin Peter and Spidey's life. He even outs his identity, but Peter manages to throw everyone off. Ends with Eddie losing the symbiote and Peter looking back on his years as Spider-Man.

That's just the short description. I'm working on larger, more detailed versions.

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