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Default Re: Spideyboy's Master Poses - Part 2

So a complete new display for EVERYONE is in the works after my move home to ohio. I have less space, but more room for Dioramas... So there will probably less figures shown them previously used... but i'm quite pleased with things so far. Some of my best displays yet i think.

I've finished...
- Spidey's Rooftop and Alley display
- Fantastic Four's Baxter Building/Latveria display
- Marvel's Space heroes/villains (also guest starring the Fantastic Four)
-Avengers vs Villains display (which is pretty much a condensed version of the previous one...

display's pending
-Hydra vs Shield vs Cap&Friends
-WWII (if i have room)
-Asgard (if i have room) (will be more complete as well with MU Frost Giants)
-Savage Land
-Hulk (if i have room)
-Marvel Monsters (if i have room)
-Origins (if i have room)
-New Avengers/Modern Avengers mix (if i have room)
-House of M (if i have room (and highly doubt it))

-The future may bring a modern scene depicting Civil War... but i need black goliath for that... and that would also considerably cut down on my avenger display... making it more of a "classic Avengers" display.... but we will see. that's not going to happen for a long while anyway...

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