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Heart Superman Requiem -

Hello people,

Strangely enough I like this movie for what it's worth. What was wrong? One big thing was they should've padded the suit for the actor and he should've had less dialog.
However, when Superman comes back and flies over Metropolis - the fx are better than can stomp this movie entirely (done on a quasi-non-existant budget).
I also totally loved that the team gave us for free the soundtrack. It's always fun to find new variations of the Superman Theme. I loved the Fortress music and when Clark/Superman rips his shirt (notice he doesn't have the cape underneath) - the sound of him taking off is wonderful.

Any thoughts you'd like to share, I'd like to read and I'd be very respectful of your opinions even if they are not like mine.

Thanks for reading my gibberishsmo.

Know One.

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