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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I'm not attacking anyone. This is an open forum and I am pointing out the fallacies of illegitimate arguments and false points.

And in the US actually.

Yeah after the season finale. I predict you'll be back and watching it again for season 2 just so you can have something to complain about.
Listing carefully and listing good, I am not complaining about the show, not once did I say I hate this and hate that but I am trying to explain to you why people hate the show and why it received the way it was by the eyes of the fans, Adults and such.

I used IGN and other sites to explain the magnitude of the hate, this is not about me, but I see that didn't get in your head.

I can last for months not watching the show it's not in my priority on like the avengers and other shows, I didn't watch many episodes, I took a very long brake and came back to check some episodes and the finale and kept in touch with other people, yes I don't give up on Marvel but I take things very slowly and watch little.

But I see nothing is getting in your head when we talk to you, so I am not going to waste my time arguing with you over the childish show and we are waiting for the avengers assembled and that one wont be childish like USM and I will be back to take that as priority.

And YES you attack people all the time when they give negative comments about marvel shows. The other guy simply felt that AA wont be better in his opinion cause he and many others prefer serial than periodic, he didn't like the sound of what he heard from Quesada and says it's either crappy or good, but instead of you telling him like I did, its all good we will see maybe things changed to more your liking but NOOOO you attacked him.

And even if they hate and complain SO WHAT, it's none of your concern how they feel, you attacking them shows the lack immaturity coming from you.

So my point don't bash other people who are sceptical and show some respect for others on this forum and any other forum, you are too hostile.

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