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Default Re: How about no Ant-Man sequels?

Ant Man is essentially another Tony Stark type character - his weaknesses should relate in any future sequels/villains he has.

Ultron should be introduced in the first movie - and due to that failure and the resulting hero it kills in 'Avengers 3' (Most likely Tony Stark) then he should recline in the second movie falling into drug use and i'ld like to see him become the villain in the second film - atleast for a while.

Ant man - Establish AIM as a potential enemy. Introduce us to George Tarleton and have Radioactive Man as the villain. During the course of the film we see Ant Man building a robot (While hired by AIM - this robot become Ultron near the end of the film and helps defeat the villain)

Avengers 3 - Ultron hacks into the internet and causes multiple fake news to be released about The Avengers and leaks details about where they live - causing multiple attacks on their homes via other villains. During this time Hank Pym fails a mission causing lives to be lost and gives up the role of Ant Man to Scott Lang. Ultron is more of a master-mind in this film only revealing himself near the end of the film where he battles the Avengers personally - killing Iron Man.

Ant Man 2; After the death of Tony Stark - Hank Pym blames himself, falling into drugs and abusing his wife who leaves him. During this time we are introduced to Eric O'Grady who steals the Ant Man suit and disgraces the name of Ant Man. Eric attacks AIM and accidentally causes George Tarleton to be mutated into M.O.D.O.K. who blames Ant Man for the transformation. Hank Pym to come back to fight Eric - however realises it is partially his fault and that Eric can be reformed - so Hank takes him under his wing. M.O.D.O.K at the end of the film reveals that he partially thanks Ant Man - and it is shown he has become obsessed with him.

Ant Man 3; Hank Pym teaches Eric his ways while AIM up their assualt - due to them now being controlled via M.O.D.O.K. During the events of the film Hank Pym is killed while battling AIM leading to Eric to be the one to defeat M.O.D.O.K declaring himself the new Ant Man.

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