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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
So, isn't this stating your opinion and your interpretation of the facts, then?
Nope, because we're discussion a physical fight and not an argument or else I would've included actual arguments.

As I said earlier, I don't particularly care about the fight's exclusion on the list. It's hardly like this is the exhaustive, definitive list of what is and isn't a fight in The Avengers, to be preserved in stone tablet for all time. It's a poll on an internet message board. I cared enough to make a two-line joke post about it, and thought that was that. What made me argue further than that was your grumpy facepalm response.
You came in here with the intent of expressing your disagreement with something said in the opening post, that my friend is pretty darn close to trolling

Oh and that "grumpy facepalm" was a response to someone's elses's post not yours, so yeah there's that.

If you didn't want your thread "derailed" by opposing opinion, you should have made that clear from the get go, perhaps something following this template...

DISCLAIMER: I am the self-appointed mod of this thread, and my word is law. The definitions of fight I state here in this opening post are to be upheld without quarrel or question. Anyone who thinks otherwise must start their own thread rather than besmirch mine.
Nah, if you didn't agree with one of main points in the opening post itself you shoudn't have even come in here.

It's common sense really...

Don't forget to vote for the WAR MACHINE VS. HEIMDALL fight

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