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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Parents-Gun-Bat View Post
BTW, continuity changed all the time. Does Batman become a different character every time?
Stop bringing this up. I'm not saying his characterization changed. I never have. you're the one who keeps trying to claim I said it when I never did.

well, since I'm married for 6 years now I need to get a life
Again, you're looking for insults that aren't there. I didn't imply that you need a girlfriend or lover (which would be obvious if you had reading comprehension skills). I implied that you need to stop hating on a 15 year old film for no other reason than to hate it. The film is over and done with, past. If you want your complaints about Batman films to be worth a damn and not just the ramblings of someone who can't move on, complain about the new film series. *****ing about Batman Returns isn't going to change the way it was made, the fact that it was made, nor will it dissuade people from liking or enjoying it. All the *****ing does is make you look like you can't get over it.

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