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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

lets examine her scenes...

1. She uses her powers to talk to the colonel. Then, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, she turns to diamond. While in diamond form she does some sort of "super whistle" that he can hear from far away. This is making it clear that she can use her super whistle power at the same time she is in diamond form.

2. She reads the colonels mind.

3. She uses her powers to incapacitate Magneto. While still under attack, he throws a knife, so she switches to diamond form and catches the knife.

However, she did catch the knife being this is an instance where her diamond form came in handy.

She then notices Charles and uses her powers to block him.

Magneto uses his powers to destroy the boat. At this point Xavier is no longer trying to get past Emma, and Emma just runs through the fire and flying debris without using her diamond form. She no longer needed her psychic powers, and as a psychic, would know this. She simply chose to put her life in danger by not turning to diamond.

I will point out that NO mention was made that she could not use both powers at the same time here. She didn't HAVE to use both powers in this scene, but she chose not to.

4. Tries to read Shaw's mind, but the helmet blocked her. Then uses diamond finger to cut some ice for his drink.

5. She uses her powers to make the Russian think they are making out. She turns to diamond and prevents Charles from reading her mind...for some unknown reason explaining to him her powers and how to get around them. She practically lets herself be captured by them, and then gets choked out by the brass. She loses her diamond form from the choking, and Charles is able to read her mind. There is NO mention in the scene of her not being able to use her psychic powers and diamond form at the same time. She seems to not care at all about escaping or that she's been captured. She doesn't even try to mentally resist him, even though she succeeded in doing so earlier.

I haven't finished the film yet...but seriously...there is NO mention that she is unable to use two powers at once...a

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