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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by starwolf_oakley View Post
1. Raccoon eyes. Bruce Wayne puts on some type of substance he can peel off in a few seconds. It's not make-up, but something else. Maybe like whatever football players put under their eyes, Bruce puts that over his eyes.

2. Teenaged Bruce Wayne. While we don't need another origin story, a scene that shows Bruce at 17-18 would work. The Superman movies did it. Teen!Bruce does parkour around Gotham in a blue hoodie, referencing how Batman wore a blue cape and cowl in the comics for decades.

3. Opinions split on Batman. If the movie starts with Batman active for a few years, we should see how some people (specifically cops) are split about Batman. While most of them appreciate his help, he's still a civilian who interferes. Also, some might say "At least when Falcone was running things, the trains ran on time and Chinese ninjas weren't blowing them up."

4. Bat-snark. Batman makes only one joke per movie in the Nolan trilogy.
The new Batman shouldn't be a wisecracker, but a few dark jokes from time to time would establish him as a different Batman than before.

"What are you?"
"...Seriously? You must be from out of town."

5. Corporate Crime Fighting. Batman fighting bank fraud isn't that interesting. But there should be something that shows the things Bruce does that makes Gotham a better place when he isn't wearing a cape and cowl. DARK KNIGHT RISES should have ended with a reference that Wayne Enterprises will continue making Gotham City a better place.

well don't get me started on what TDKR got wrong, or could have approached better. I agree with all those things. Seeing Bruce with that black makeup around his eyes, and the correct lighting in the batcave, would look fantastic. Like the «mask» is not entirely off you know?

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