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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
Oh yes, yes, I loved it a lot. I mean how can you not love a movie that has one of the monsters singing in it. My only regret is that I have to wait a full year to see Orli as Legolas again. I guess I can seek solace in the LOTR Trilogy for now.
Cool. well I'm sure I'll enjoy it. For the Legolas if nothing else. LOL

RE: Sigyn and Loki... see that is my fear, that she would be an enabler to the addict or the abused wife that stays loyal to an abusive husband, if they use her in MCU. And that would be a very very VERY bad message to send to young girls who may be watching for Tom and Chris and Zach. It's a bad message to send a blatant "a good woman can fix him" message too... and I agree an "enabler" would not be able to help him out of that deep dark pit he's dug himself into.

However, her helping him onto a better path, is certainly a story that can be told without sending those messages, but it has to be told very carefully. Because in reality, staying with an abusive husband or boyfriend, or trying to fix the bad boy is really really really not a good idea for a young woman to get involved with. So they'd have to rewrite the whole Loki Sigyn story from the comics quite a bit to do that, starting with making sure that Loki is not abusive to her, and making it actually make sense that she could be in love with him (since it doesn't make any sense whatsoever from what I've seen in the panels)... and very importantly making her her own person separate from him and his needs and problems, and even willing to leave him if he doesn't straighten himself out and let go of his hate. Now, that I'd like to see, the other scenario I would hate to see and it would probably turn me off the whole franchise.

Whether they'll have time to do that character and love story really properly in MCU, I don't know. It may be difficult, but hopefully if they do bring her in, they will do justice to it. It could be a great love story if they did. From the myth there is very little, and I don't think anything indicating abuse on Loki's part, apart from his infidelity, which may have been sort of common for men of that time. However, a person does not witness the horrors Sigyn did, with her own children dying and one used to bind her husband in a cave and torture him, and then stay with him, and try to spare him from that torture as much as possible, possibly for eternity without Love and strength and durability. Sigyn is a "victorious woman" "or woman who brings victory" as her name translates, and her name is a good indication of what her character was meant to represent. She could have left him but she endured his punishment with him. I don't really consider that enabling and blind loyalty but more about compassion for someone you love, and not wanting to allow them to suffer, and she is also known as the goddess of compassion (more modern thinking, I believe). In any case, there was certainly meant to be love between them in the myth, I would say, and it would be nice of MCU could do something meaningful more along that lines, that does not send a dangerous message to young women.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I think in myths they often pair contrasting elements. So to me it would make perfect sense that constancy is paired with chaos.
Yes, and from a storytelling POV, it makes a lot of sense to have that sort of yin and yang relationship. What is Chaos without constancy? It's just running rampant and wild with no direction or grounding. What is constancy without a little chaos? boring, stick in a rut, unable to evolve and adapt. So in that way the two elements need each other, and if you have two characters in a story that represent that (hopefully the characters are A LOT more complex than this), then those two characters need each other in much the same way, to balance each other.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
BTW, does Loki actually love anyone? Or even profess to love anyone? (in any continuity anyone cares to address) Come to think of it, I gather kid Loki loves his big brother. And I suppose Loki loved his brother when they were both kids (though I haven't been able to get to those stories yet either).
Yes, and I think there are lines in both films that point to him having been in love in the past (or Loki's version of love, anyway), as I've talked to you about before in PM. Probably loved and lost. If not meant by the writers in the first place, then there are certainly openings to write it in to the MCU, should they choose to do so.

I recall reading somewhere Jane referred to as Thor's first love in MCU, I mean.... how sad is that? He's 1000 years old and he's never been in love before? I mean, come on! (well if you count being in love with yourself! LOL)

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