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Default Re: Rumor: Harry Osborn, instead of Norman, killing Gwen Stacy?

I really am just curious as to how Green Goblin will look. Is he going to wear that goofy costume and purse full of pumpkins riding a glider, or is he going to be a fully transformed "Hulk" Goblin like in USM? Or is it a mix of both? Something completely original?

Since I've been re-reading USM, I actually am starting to like the Ultimate Green Goblin. Its growing on me. It only seems like people here and other Spider-Man purists are the ones who really hate it. I've shown it to people who've never read comics before, and they have all said that they prefer that design to the original.

Of course, I still prefer the original 616 design, but it wouldn't work on film. Also, the USM version may not work either because it would be like The Lizard all over again: Spider-Man vs. a giant CGI green monster. I think a mix between the classic and Ultimate look could work. Something like this:

That way he won't look silly with a rubber green mask, but will still be a man on a glider to please the fans. The serum could transform him into a Goblin-esque creature, but won't turn into the Incredible Hulk with horns.

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