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Default Re: IRON MAN 3 Trailer Thread - Theatrical TRL #1 To Debut Oct. 23rd, 12:01AM (PST)

Originally Posted by ElMariachi View Post
The constant comparisons to Nolan's Batman is becoming tiresome. As influential as TDK is, he didn't make the first serious mainstream superhero movie---Sam Raimi and Bryan Singer did. Spider-Man 2 set the bar for all future Marvel Studios movies, along with Nolan's Batman.
It's gonna happen. Nolan's franchise was that influential whether you want to admit or not. It doesn't matter if Donner, Raimi and Singer set the stage, Nolan added to it. Anything that is wrapped in darkness, dread, emotion, etc is referred to The Dark Knight Trilogy. Is it fair? No, but is it any different than when a portion of fans claimed that Nolan and WB were taking a page out of Whedon's and Marvel Studios' playbook simply because there was humor present in the TV spots? It's all trivial.

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