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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Will Hawkeye be getting the short end of the stick for Avengers 2 as well??? We know that Iron Man isn't going to feature any other heroes, Thor won't either, It's confirmed that Cap will feature Black Widow, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury, yet no word on Hawkeye!!

GOTG is the only franchise left that he could be added in and that doesn't even feel like a natural fit for the character, unless he Barton featured in the first act as Quill's friend before Quill goes into space. And have that be sort of an extended cameo for the Barton as the rest of the film will be in space so he can't do ish....

I'm just speculating, because if there are 2 more Avengers joining the sequel, and even with SHIELD having a minor role to play in the film, Will Barton be the "random" Avenger once again??

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