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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Batman Begins-

Keep it very ambiguous when R'as talks to Bruce about his "immortality".

Bruce would make "the vow" before leaving.

Develop Scarecrow's character more, and what drives his obsession with fear.

Bruce would fight Zsasz in the Narrows.

The Dark Knight-

Set a few years after Batman Begins

Scarecrow would appear as he does at the end of Batman Begins. Is chased by Batman for kidnapping, rather than drug dealing.

Chechen replaced with Penguin, or Oswald Cobblepot.

Lau would be named Kuttler and mobsters would call him their "calculator".

Babs would replace Gordon's son.

Miranda would be included.

Rachel would be pregnant with Harvey's child, Bruce wouldn't know, it would be included with the letter. (I'm on the fence with this, because it lessens the impact of the "Then how come it was me who was the only one that lost everything?" "It wasn't."- exchange).

The Dark Knight Rises-

Batman would not have been absent for 8 years. He would have attempted to continue with his role for around 18 months, but is injured to frequently, and as such, Batman has not been seen for a year.

Bruce has only been absent for 6 months. His use of Michael is not needed.

Many cops would trust Batman, having seen the extents he goes to in order to not kill in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, specifically in the Prewitt building scene.

Joker would appear.

Bruce's experience in the Pit would mirror that of the citizens of Gotham. Bane would poison both with false hope; Bruce- with the apparent ease of escaping an open prison, the Gothamites- with the apparent freedoms granted by Bane's rule. The poisoning would come from Bruce's hope dying every time he fails to escape, the Gothamites hopes would die as Bane unleashes terror upon them (his own rule, Joker, Scarecrow mobsters etc).

R'as doesn't fade in the Pit, we see him walk of screen.

Bomb would be removed as the catalyst for the plan, only brought in at the end through desperation.

John Blake's real name would be Richard Robin Grayson or Robin Richard Grayson. He would at some point have worn a jumper that sort of looks like the stylised Nightwing symbol. Also, in the scene where he rescues the cops with Batman, he'd have stolen swat gear and look like Nightwing.

Bruce would go to his parents grave before his showdown with Bane.

Bruce would not have faked his death. I think it is better to show he has truly overcome his grief by showing he faces it.

Bruce would present when Robin finds the Cave.

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