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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
You're not really getting into details, are you?
How many more details do ya need?

Lol. I stated that the rest of the League didn't sacrifice themselves and you're going into detail on what I said without continuing the topic of me saying the rest of the League didn't go on a suicide mission? When nothing suggests the entire LoS was on a suicide mission doesn't mean you get to grasp at straws with that the League won't try to continue on and just die with Ra's al Ghul.
Ehhh no if Ra's was willing to die on that train for his cause then so were all of the LOS. It shows they were dedicated to their cause. Ra's smashed up the brakes and all after bats came on board and tried to stop the train.

While you think it's a weak motive, it's fine. Like I said...all we're doing is throwing mud at each other since we're never going to actually change the mind of one another.
I ain't trying to change your mind mon ami. If ya think Bane's motive was just to be better than Ra's when ya compare that to the motives of Ra's and Joker, ya see how crap it is.

Well, I should take your word for it...I mean, even you don't want to see that TDKR is indeed a great film
Well only a foolish person would see something they don't believe.

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Bane never seemed to me like he was just Talia's love-sick lackey. Of course he would be the one to stay behind and guard Batman while Talia ensured that the bomb would explode. Batman could easily take down Talia if she were to be the one to stay behind.
Yup it's very hard to keep a guy hostage when he's been stabbed, tied up, and ya have a gun on him.

Bane showed little regard for following Talia's orders and throughout the film
Oh yeah where did ya see that then?

At no point does it appear that Talia is giving orders, as she is largely undercover for extended periods of time. Meanwhile, the entire league follows Bane's orders with palpable fear and unquestioning loyalty. Talia never got an extended finale because she wasn't the main villain of the film. In the end she was just the twist reveal and the driver of the bomb car. That's a disappointing use of a comic character but it doesn't make Bane just a goon.
Ya mean like in Begins where the LOS don't seem to be following Ducard's orders until ya find out he's the boss man?

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