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Default The Storyline Thread

Simply, I’m just curious about what storylines or arcs from the comics you’d like to see adapted for the Batman reboot and how you’d go about it. I would like to put more emphasis on just the first film but if you have ideas for an entire trilogy or even an entire series then feel free to share.

I guess it’s only fitting that I start …

Personally, I would love to see a full, loyal adaptation of Batman: Year One.

I know Batman Begins used many elements and even some scenes from that story but I would like a more loyal translation.

While some of the great narration of Year One would be lost, I think a lot of what happens can be conveyed just with good actors and good acting. All it would take is the right look and the right expression to convey some of that inner dialogue and narration.

To sort of separate itself from Batman Begins, I think starting off exactly like Year One, where Wayne and Gordon are first arriving in Gotham City, makes the most sense. What Wayne did while away could be shown in flashbacks.

Per Year One, I would want to leave in the parallel stories of Wayne and Gordon, their personal lives, their fight against corruption, etc. That would include Commissioner Loeb, Flass, Carmine Falcone, Sarah Essen, Branden, Barbara, and so on.

I would also love to see the cameos of Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle. I think including them would help to sort of show that Warner Brothers, for the first time, has some sort of plan; if not for an entire DC film universe then at least for the new trilogy or series.

To sort of let the audience know that a year is passing, I think showing simple things like the leaves falling for Autumn, the snow for Winter, etc. would be enough.

Some changes that would probably come from the executives would be the inclusion of a new Batmobile. They got to sell their toys, right? That’d be fine with me, honestly. I just hope it’s still tank-like to some extent.

I’d also love it if the suit similar to the suits in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Obviously it’d be redesigned to some extent but it just makes sense to me for the real world and on screen. Plus, we need to keep it so that the guy can turn his head.

I don’t have many ideas for a Year One cast at this point. In general, I would love to see Cranston take on Gordon. He’s a fantastic actor in general and I thought was great as Gordon in the recent animated adaptation of Year One.

For Carmine Falcone, I’ve always liked Dennis Farina. He’s a fantastic character actor and a role like Falcone wouldn’t be at all difficult for him.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Let me know what you think.

Also, feel free to start sharing.

Don’t feel limited to adapting full storylines and arcs. If you just want to take elements of several and mash them together, feel free to do so.

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