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Default Re: The Storyline Thread

Robin Blake is the new Batman, Scarecrow is on the loose, and Gordon waits beside the new bat signal. That is where the next film begins if they continue.

Villains: Scarecrow, Riddler, and Penguin

The Scarecrow character serves as a metaphor for the terrorist in his obsession with fear. The Riddler, however, could be misconstrued as a terrorist by detonating an EMP, descending the city of Gotham into darkness on Halloween (with obvious references to The Long Halloween story and the real life blackout caused by hurricane Sandy last year) when in fact he is planning a huge heist (or some other crime) and the blackout and chaos that follows are purely a distraction. It would draw a contrast between a terrorist and someone who does something for money or other gain.

Penguin's role is simple-- he is the marriage of the organized criminal and politician; two different character types in the background of all three of Nolan's previous Batman films. The Penguin's motive should be to achieve the office of mayor under the pretense of bringing security (read, Brother Eye) to the city. He could be in league with The Riddler or he could simply exploit him; as well as Batman, to rise to power and profit.

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