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Default Re: The Storyline Thread

I'd just make a Batman Beyond movie. I would get around the whole futuristic Judge Dredd stuff by setting it in modern day with the context being that this Bruce Wayne was Batman in the 60's-70's. And yes, the only casting choice I have Bruce Wayne is Michael Keaton. I know this wouldn't be a sequel to the Keaton films and that may confuse some people, but I don't care. Let them think what they want, if it's a good movie who cares! Keaton deserves this role if it would happen and the script is great. It's not his fault that his Batman films were cartoony camp and Burton-esque. Keaton was a great Batman in crappy movies when compared to Begins. I will always wonder how he would have done in Nolan's films. So I'm throwing Keaton a bone, he deserves it.


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