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with all this talk of the Nolanverse continuing:

Justice League
while Robin Blake operates in Gotham (offscreen), Bruce suits up (mostly for symbolic reasons, not physical) to set up the league. He's the strategist, the commander, etc. (the one Batman action scene could secretly be Blake. Classic Batman deception). Bruce leaves when he completes his mission of establishing the symbol of the league, keeping the world hopeful that they're safe from both the forces out in the universe and the super-humans on Earth. Members will come and go, but the symbol will be everlasting.

Batman Solo Film
Rian Johnson/Fincher begins the next Batman trilogy with a Robin Blake Batman film in Gotham, with slightly more futuristic tech provided by Lucius Fox Jr (or a wheelchair bound Barbara Gordon). Accompanied by a Trent Reznor soundtrack (with little to no Bruce Wayne musical themes). Villains can include waring crime factions, such as the Penguin, Black Mask, etc, perhaps tied to the death of Blake's father.

JL sequel
Robin Blake steps in, along with John Stewart, Wally West, Hawkgirl(Hawkman), MM, etc (opposed to Bruce, Hal, Barry, Aquaman, and Cyborg in the first). Supes and WW are the constants.

solo Batman sequel
Taking place roughly 16 years after TDKR (10 years after JL 1, and 5 years after JL2), Blake discovers that one of the boys from the mansion, around age 16 has found his way into the cave. The twist is that it's Damian Wayne, who was born prematurely at 4.5 months, kept in NICU, and raised by the League (Lady Shiva) to be Talia's eventual successor, sent to infiltrate the Bat-cave to kill Bruce Wayne (though he's nowhere to be found).
-Alfred's funeral however brings Bruce back to Gotham for the first time in 16 years. He discovers Damian, and this becomes a reason to stay/a problem to fix, and he becomes the old man mentor to Blake in the cave, keeping a watchful eye on Damian. When the league and Shiva arrive to hold the orphanage hostage, Blake and Damien have to sneak around, saving the day (Batman and Robin style).
Shiva brings her daughter, Cassandra Cain, as a backup incase Damian failed her. She and Damien sword duel, and Damien is able to defeat her. Blake sacrifices himself to save the day at the end (perhaps killed via crowbar). Damien, in anger, kills lady Shiva (despite Bruce's pleas). They take in Shiva's daughter, Cassandra Cain, into the orphanage. At the end, Damian suits up, despite Bruce's wishes, reminding Bruce that Gotham needs a protector. However instead of becoming Batman, he takes the name Robin, in tribute to Robin Blake's sacrifice (and to spite his father for being closer to Blake than with Bruce). Batman feels obligated to suit up again, only to protect his son, to keep him on the right path.

JL 3
Somebody infiltrates the watchtower, using the cannon to attack the Earth and thousands of people die, including Selina Kyle. Bruce returns to the league as an angry old man, wanting to control everything (feeling responsible because he designed the Watchtower and gave the schematics to Supes at the end of JL1). This time he does fight, disregarding his health (Alfred, Selina, and the man he appointed to succeed him have all died. He feels his son doesn't love him, etc). He wears an armored suit (ala The Dark Knight Returns). Superman and him fight. The league disbands.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Final solo Batman film
A Batman and Robin film all about their relationship, and Bruce's obsessive nature. Bruce doesn't trust anybody else to do the job, not letting Damian participate, even when Bruce has been operating for over 48 hours without sleep in an effort to solve the Riddler's riddles and schemes, confusing reality, making mistakes in the process, etc. We never get to see the Riddler.

Damian is fascinated by Cassandra Cain, given their similar upbringing and befriends her. He tries to 'fix' her, the same way Bruce and Blake tried to 'fix' him, and eventually asks her to become Batgirl. It's revealed that it wasn't so much that Bruce didn't trust Damian to do the job, but that he just didn't want Damien to get hurt (given his guilt about Blake's death). By the end, Bruce learns to trust Damian, and to 'let go'. At the end, Damian offers to pick up the mantle of Batman and leave Robin behind him, no longer spiting Bruce, but honouring him and the symbol of Batman, letting Bruce rest for his remaining days in peace.

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