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Originally Posted by ChukNoris View Post
Have the first film in the series be an adaptation of The Monster Men:
2nd film in my series would be a crime thriller featuring Penguin and the Riddler:

It is election time in Gotham. Anthony Garcia is running for a 3rd consecutive term. His only opposition is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. He is running for mayor because Batman broke up the mob and he wants to control the city.

Batman doesn't trust Cobblepot so he runs a background check. Cobblepot is a UK mobster who fought IRA agents for a living. Garcia wins mayor and Cobblepot disappears into the underworld.

Batman tracks and confronts Cobblepot who his followers are now calling the Penguin. Penguin tells Batman "This city is being overrun by freaks, criminals who are unlike anything you’re realistically prepared to stop. If you get rid of organized crime, all you’ve got left is unorganized crime, and it’ll tear this city to pieces. You need someone to get a handle on it, someone who will keep the worst of the worst off the streets and give you information to take down the freaks when they come ’round. And that someone is me, Batman. Or, you can oppose me, and I’ll tear the bloody doors off Arkham, and I’ll tear the doors of the prisons, and I’ll let those freaks flood this city with the blood of their victims. And then we’ll see who’s the last man standing in this town.”

Batman acknowledges the logic but he doesn't reason with criminals.

Then, mysterious bombs start going off in Gotham. Batman tracks and traces the bomb maker. He reveals himself as the Riddler and seemingly vanishes in smoke.

Batman follows the Riddler to Penguin's layer. He listens to the conversation. He overhears that the Riddler is an IRA bomb maker and computer hacker. The Penguin killed his brother and he is back for revenge.

Batman busts into the room and ends the heated conversation. He then decodes some of the tattoos on the Riddlers arms. The Riddler becomes very interested in Batman.

Gotham becomes Penguin and Riddler's battleground and the Northern Ireland war is brought back from the dead. Bombs blow up everywhere and mobsters kill innocent people.

Batman has to compromise to save the city.

I need help with the ending (how Batman stops the Riddler and the Penguin)

While the first story is a scientific thinker, this is more of a crime thriller.

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