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Default Re: Is Thor "Too Difficult" A Character To Do Well?

Originally Posted by fixxxer View Post
Also, before The Avengers made RDJ the undisputed title holder, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were arguably the two biggest names in Hollywood in 2010. Yet, The Tourist utterly bombed. I may be cherry-picking here, but my point is that starpower isn't the only factor when it comes to BO success. Also, considering their subject matter and production budgets, both Rush and Cabin in the Woods performed quite well at the box office. Red Dawn was an absolute clunker, and even a pre-After-Earth Will Smith wouldn't have saved that one.
Absolutely, a bad film, is a bad film, and plenty of A-list actors have been in bad films.

To say that Hemsworth and Hiddleston haven't achieved a huge boost in name recognition is denying reality. I'm not going to say they are A-list actors yet, but it was Thor not Star Trek that gave Hemsworth the boost in his career. A lot of people probably don't even realize that Hemsworth was in Star Trek.

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