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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Polux View Post
Yes! Please!!

I don't understand some people's reluctancy to "comedy actors" for these parts; I remember this saying from theatre, "it's way easier to make someone cry than to make'em laugh"; he's an extraordinary actor and a character like Pym would benefit a lot from having him...

Tho, he was my option for Barry Allen, I don't see that happening soon enough, and I'd just love to see NPH interacting with Ruffalo and RDJ, I can see it in my mind and it is glorious!

He's a great dramatic actor too. If anyone saw him in Law and Order Criminal Intent, he gave a very moving portrayal of a serial killer who craved love and affection and made you really sorry for him. He was a world away from Barney Stinson.

He might be a little too svelte for Pym but I suppose he could bulk up. He certainly could play the intelligent scientist easily, and someone with a nervous breakdown. The thing is that he's almost a little too charismatic for Pym and would probably be to Ant-Man what RDJ was to Iron Man. elevating him far beyond his source material in this case.

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