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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Batman Begins wasn't but TASM was. 752 mil worldwide is a very healthy number.
Healthy, yes, but it wasn't as strong compared to Raimi's trilogy. In that regards, it wasn't "strong" numbers as one would usually think Spidey would reach after the three previous films.

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
Yeah. Shouldn't be too hard to accomplish this. Burton and Nolan both went into the extremes with what they were doing, so getting something in the middle wouldn't be too hard. Maybe something that captures the tons of Batman: Arkham Asylum/City could work (and obviously the comic books as well). I think now we'd be able to get villains like Mr. Freeze, Clay Face, Killer Croc, since they would never make an appearance in Nolan's universe.
I'd personally add Man-Bat to that list because I've always wanted to see him in a Batfilm.

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