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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

I give that Thanos is pulling Loki's strings without him realizing it. I just have a feeling that Infinity Gauntlet is going to come up missing after Asgard gets attacked and Loki is going to have something to do with it. And I don't think Loki really wanted to rule Earth because I think even he realized if the Avengers couldn't stop the Chituri army then they would destroy the Earth.

And no it wouldn't undermine the whole film if Loki intentionally got caught. Loki put himself in a position where he knew no matter what the outcome was he would win regardless. If the alien army won the fight he won control of Earth and had an army at his disposal when he decided to take on Asgard. If he lost he was still taken back to Asgard (which is where I think he wanted to go all along) and fake some innocent tears feign a change of heart and he's back in Odin's good graces giving him access to the IG which it would make sense to give to Thanos if he wanted to take control of Asgard. He's smart enough to know it'd be better if someone else took out Odin and Thor so he could take reign than if he usurped the throne himself.

And as far as Asgard not being Loki's end goal if you think about it he had many chances to leave and get away but instead chose to stay in a position where he would be caught eventually. When he was first captured he could have left while Thor and IM were fighting but chose to stay and get caught. Then instead of sitting around Stark tower he could have opened the portal left waited for the end and either came out and took control if the Chituri won or stayed in hiding if they lost but he chose to wait for everyone to get there. Then while everyone was battling the army after his fight with Thor he could have left again but chose to sit around and wait. That tells me he had a bigger motive than Earth for everything he did.

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