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Default Re: Would Spider-Man really be better off at Marvel/Disney?

Originally Posted by ParkerPeters View Post
Oh I don't think they are evil. In fact, I think they do the character some justice, and as my post suggests, more so than Marvel would. But it is still my opinion, that the only place Spider-Man gets the respect he deserves is in the loving care of Stan Lee, and that is the god honest truth.
I couldn't agree more. The problem is that current Marvel isn't in the love care of Stan Lee. Current Marvel is in the hands of people that can be considered the epitome of "**** you, fans" in comics and have both directly and indirectly insulted Stan's work many times. Wacker went as far as to say that his strategy is to alienate the current Spider-Man fans until the new generations come and eat up whatever Marvel gives them (his own words and I think this plan will fall through very soon).

There may be a time when Spider-Man's film rights are in the best hands with Marvel but sadly, that time is not now. Seeing as how much Marvel has butchered his character in every single medium they got their hands on, they should not be trusted with Spidey right now Quesada or not IMO.

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