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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I trusted their word because ill trust them over people (no offense) who sit behind a computer nitpicking superhero movies on a messageboard. I trusted them and I was rewarded. They were right. Of course they were. They made this stuff and they put their passion into it even if others go against it.
What a strange thing to say. I'm afraid I am not in tune with people who use dramatic phrases like "trust" and "reward" when discussing these movies. Would your experience of them be different if you had restrained this "trust"? And what form did it take? I'm not sure that us...nitpickers are generally looking for anyone's "trust". Speaking personally, I just enjoy discussing Batman stuff.

Anywho, I'm not aiming to cheapen your emotional response to the Robin/Batswarm scene; I merely suspect that it might be a bit more extreme that anything the director had really envisioned.

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