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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by verisimilitude View Post
Okay, this has really got my goat.

I don't generally post here but I'm always on, reading.

I would just like to make my thoughts heard on this one though.

I can understand why the studios would want Zimmer. He's written them 'music' for a lot of their blockbusters and he's very 'in' right now. But we all know producers are dumb and follow the money.

So I can understand why they'd want him back.
But do any of you Zimmer worshipers not feel that, as an artist, this would be incredibly GREEDY on Zimmer's part.

I can not BELIEVE what I'm reading. It astounds me.

He's scored three Batman films
He's scored a Superman film
He's now apparently scoring Superman v Batman
Then he's ALSO going to possibly score the new solo Batman film
And to top it off, I'm going to have to here his generic, mindless, and utterly themeless duh duh duh duh duh in the background to the new SPIDERMAN FILM????

Not only that, but he wants another crack at poor batman

' he's going to give us a NEW batman?!' He never gave us 'batman' to begin with. Just background music to a suicide attempt.

Go away Zimmer. People, learn to let go. If Snyder is giving us a new Batman (thank God) surely the logical thing to do would be start fresh with a new perspective
Not bring on board a guy that's composed his version for nearly 9 years and someone who now has his hands full composing the music for Superman AND Spiderman too.....

Please have the decency to let another composer have their shot and bring their version to the table. There are many, MANY fine composers out there... dare I say it.. BETTER than the repetitive generic old humless drums 'n' drones from this greedy dude.


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