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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Zimmer really needs to pass of the Batman duties to a collaborator. It's clear that the most troubling aspect of this to him would be the Batman side of it. When he was doing press for MoS in June, he was very enthused about getting to further explore his Superman themes in future sequels.

Considering he worked with a collaborator pretty effectively in BB and TDK I'd be very surprised if this idea isn't floated his way. Like on TDK, James Newton Howard tackled all the Harvey Dent material and Zimmer tackled everything related to The Joker. I think it could be something similar here. Let Zimmer continue developing the MoS themes, have a collaborator build new Batman material from the ground up (I love the Don Davis pick myself but I doubt he'd get the gig). Then the two can work together for the more "neutral" cues.

Or as another option, hire a new composer and Zimmer can just oversee and produce it.

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