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Default Re: Would Spider-Man really be better off at Marvel/Disney?

if marvel/disney get him we won't see much spider-man at all, infact its incredibly likely marvel/disney will put him on the shelve for a few years to give him a rest and build up hype and then it would be a case of them deciding when to use him again since they only do 2 movies a year and sony having spider-man means we get a spider-man movie and 2 marvel movies a year but it wouldn't be like that if they own spider-man and they have enough characters they wanna play with as it is.

i dunno if i believe they would make a live action tv series because i honestly think it would be expensive, they can turn daredevil into a detective type show like batman if they liked but spider-man... you would need to spend the money in the right way and probably would mean some restrictions

i mean alot of the comic book tv shows focus on drama more, even agents of shields which has some pretty impressive special effects but if you compare it to the movies you can see the CGI shots are usually limited

and they were originally gonna do the hulk tv show before it was canceled and i always wondered how much we was actually gonna see the hulk on screen since every moment of CGI is money thrown at the screen

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