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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
How? Nobody did anything in that movie. The villains were completely wasted, and honestly the movie really only gets by on the performances of RDJ, Cheadle, Paltrow, and Rockwell.
Well there is the perfomances, and the action was good and it links into the Avengers very well, although still a little too much.

With IM3 it seemed nobody did much either, Tony didnt change at all, nor did Pepper, Killian was the only one who changed and the Mandarin thing, which I thought worked on 1st viewing, I now view as a mistake. Rhodey/Iron Patriot was just a joke the whole movie and barely got any action. Tony was barely in the suit either. Plus the action wasnt really a big improvement on the rest of the franchise.

2017 movie ratings out of 10:

1)War For The Planet Of The Apes-10(2)Logan-10(3)Baby Driver-9.5(4)Dunkirk-9(5)Thor: Ragnorak-9(6)Wonder Woman-9(7)Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2-9(8)Blade Runner 2049-8.5(9)It-8(10)Star Wars: The Last Jedi-8(11)Spider-Man: Homecoming-8(12)Get Out-8(13)John Wick 2-8(14)Split-8(15)Kingsman: TGC-8(16)Kong: Skull Island-7.5(17)Justice League-7(18)Alien Covenant-7(19)Ghost In The Shell-7(20)POTC: Salazar's Revenge-7(21)The Dark Tower-4(22)Transformers: TLK-4
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