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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I rank Killian vs Iron Man over Hulk/Abomination for the simple fact that there were no breaks in their fight. Hulk and Abomination were either separated or standing their grappling on top of that building, it started off epic but it ended on a weak note.
I kind of liked it ending the way it did. It was like people watching a good old epic boxing match (only this time between monsters!)

Originally Posted by regnak View Post
I prefer Cap vs the Skull. For Killian vs Stark it required Tony to forget about flight and ranged combat. Just like he forgot to protect his house against something so conventional as a helicopter attack after inviting the Mandarin to attack him. That was unforgivable. Stark should have been ready for anything short of Ultimo.(which would have rocked)
Cap vs Red Skull was awesome. But, the fight ends halfway into it. It was the right film decision to leave them on unfinished business, but I think for fight purposes only, it makes it feel like you just watched a tie, as opposed to an epic match resulting in a winner. If this makes sense. But, it was the right decision for the movie.

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