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I personally wouldn't want X-Men to be integrated in the same continuity as the MCU movies or the FF movies. As many people have already said, there is no way mutants and mutant prejudice can work in the same universe as superheroes that are accepted by society. It's a flaw that even the comics have. If Spider-Man or the FF were the only non-mutant superhumans that existed in the Marvel universe, then maybe the general audience would buy it more that they would be accepted because they would be the big exceptions. But since the Marvel universe in the comics and the Marvel universe in the movies are all packed with superheroes, it wouldn't make much sense to why mutants would be persecuted.

I've read some arguments here from people on this thread about how mutants could fit in - one being that mutants are feared and persecuted because they're a whole new race while other superheroes are just humans with powers. That maybe would be a good explanation if most people working on X-Men made that the reason. However, if you look at the X-Men comics as well as the X-Men adaptations so far, the main reason according to most of the people that worked on X-Men to why mutants are feared is simply because they have powers. There are very few writers that addressed the mutant/superhuman double standard. Not to mention that the X-Men side of the universe usually tends to ignore the rest of the Marvel universe (and vice versa) when it comes to big events.

The only way I can see X-Men working in a shared Marvel universe is if the number of non-mutant superheroes is low to a handful number (and in that case, why even have a shared universe at all?) or if they openly address the double standard and have groups like the FF and Avengers (if the Fox MCU will be integrated with the main MCU, that is) openly coming out and saying that the mutant prejudice offends them just as much as it offends the mutants.

Also, why do all the Marvel movies have to take place in the same universe anyways? If there is one big criticism I have towards the MCU solo movies - with the exception of Iron Man 1 and The Incredible Hulk - is that they dedicated too much time to setting up for Avengers instead of fully focusing on the properties at hand (half of Iron Man 2 was pretty much an Avengers promo, Thor had way too much SHIELD in it, and Cap had its good share of Avengers set-ups too). It did make the final product (which was The Avengers) better in the end and hyped it up very well but the solo films themselves suffered a bit due to that (once again, IM1 and TIH being the exceptions).

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