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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
Yeah, but Loki is no slouch neither. We've seen his leadership and we know that he can wheeled a trashcan lid. But it should really be clear that Cap is the most skilled combatant on the team except for Thor maybe. We saw Black Widow flipping around taking out 5 badguys at a time but Caps combat skills should be able to eclipse that.
Not a fan of big-screen Loki at all. I like Tom Hiddleston a lot, he comes across so well in interviews, but then his character seems little more than a superficial, snarling pantomime villain on the big screen. He doesn't come anywhere close to Magneto in the villain stakes.

Me to. Which is why I can't understand why they brought in that Walmart costume. It was rumored that Whedon didn't like it either but it wasn't his decision. Which I could believe since he's never had any suit that crappy in any of his other projects. So here's to the powers that be getting the message in Cap's sequel.
I don't think Cap's costume looked too bad in the end. The helmet was the worst part. No doubt it will get a redesign for the next solo film and for Avengers 2.

I think it's obvious why Mark Millar took a liking to the Ironman character. Tony Stark is a very charismatic character. I think Marvel could learn a from past movies villains as well.
Not only is Downey Jr charismatic, but so is Jackman. He could be said to be the X-Men's equivalent of Downey Jr in terms of screen presence though Jackman doesn't quite have the same energy and ego as Robert.

As for Mark Millar's "shared universe", I don't think Wolverine is really apart of this seeing that the ball was already in motion before he was hired. But to appease fans and share holders it was necessary to put this "Mickey Mouse/Ironman" spin on that movie. (I wonder how Marvel Studio's feels about them piggy backing off of them)
I think he meant that from The Wolverine onwards, there is more 'universe building' going on, much as Iron Man was the first paving stone towards Avengers.

Now will The Wolverine be better than that last solo film? Probably, I don't see how they would make it worse with so much riding on it. The real problem will be getting reluctant movie goers to see it in theaters as opposed to waiting to see it via rental like I did with Amazing Spider-man. As it stands I dont see the Wolverine doing that much better than the last film no matter how alluring a trailer they throw at us.
It will indeed be interesting to see how The Wolverine performs.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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