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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

I want them to make another Hulk movie and this time bring in She-Hulk. It would be easy enough to just bring her in, the public is already familiar enough with the Hulk and the whole concept that they don't need to worry that anyone would be lost. Just quickly explain things, how the blood transfusion gave his Hulk powers to her. I think they could start expanding on the Hulk world already. They introduced Hulk on TV years ago. Then in his own solo movie, where they really convoluted and messed up his simple origin. But then he got another movie where they didn't really explain in detail what his origin was, plus he fought another Hulk creature without the public getting confused. Then he was brought into the Avengers (where he excelled) and his origin wasn't really explained to much.
So I think they could expand his world more, bring in villains like the Leader, bring in She-Hulk, bring in Rick Jones as his friend and Marlo as his girlfriend (because every superhero needs a supporting cast in their movie) and maybe bring up the ideas of the Gray Hulk and the Red Hulk (eventually).

I guess the studio is worried that another solo Hulk film was work, and they want to play it safe with him this time and keep him in the Avengers world. Which would work, but I think everyone would go see the Hulk movies now. Especially if they were about more than just him running from Thunderbolt Ross. Have him fight the Leader, stuff more like the Avengers had him do.

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