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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
So... how do we think he'll lose in Avengers 3 then? lol. I know nothing about the character but what you're describing basically is saying "he's going to roll thru the avengers and anything else in his way and rule the universe... *roll credits* " haha now that would be something different in a movie!

My suggestion was just since no one can single handedly defeat him it would be cool to see a 5 minute montage (similar to the battle scene in Avengers 1) where everyone is at their peak strength all doing different things to weaken Thanos and working as a true team to stop him, not just like opening a portal and throwing him through it to the negative zone or something along those lines ya know?
Something "magic" or "science" related...there will be some planning I am sure. He is not a foe who should be defeated by physical means. In terms of mano e mano...powers vs powers, fist vs fist, he shouldn't be defeated that way, ESPECIALLY if he has the IG. It would have to be something on like the astral side or mental side or like adam warlock is able to get them into his subconscious..or something. But I don't think he should be defeated in a strait up "fight"..too powerful

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Nah Odin had the upperhand the entire fight, all Thanos did was survive basically he didn't even land a single attack.
Eh. Odin only got the upperhand when he summoned the spear, before that...thanos tanked a blast from Odin, Odin tanked a blast from thanos, then he tanked one from thanos and surfer...thanos punched odin, odin slaps him, staggering thanos...thanos' efforts are futile, odin summons the spear, then starts to knock him around twice, the second time, he slowly got up, and charged up his energies as if to fight more.

He was going to loose in probably another 2 or 3 pages. For sure.

Essentially i saw it as Thanos had the durability to hang with odin, but he didn't have the output to harm Odin...which in turn suggests that Odin and Thanos are in different leagues.

I thought it was a good showing for thanos, that's my all time favorite comic book fight

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Eh, he landed attacks, they just didn't really do anything much to Odin. Odin is the point at which Thanos goes from dominating powerhouse to underdog. He can fight Odin for a fair lengthy period and survive, with prep he can even seriously inconvenience Odin. . . but he has no real chance to *win*.

( as opposed to, by contrast, Thanos vs Galactus, where Thanos is noted as really powerful in that he can actually make Galactus notice, and get hit once without dying. Then Thanos starts desperately begging for mercy. )
this....he's just really really durable. In terms of power, he certainly is way above any heralds, however lower than odin and's his mind, and durability as to why he's such...a threat.

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