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Default Re: Should Lana Lang be in the sequel?

of course I think Lana should be in the sequel but that's just me. No, they shouldnt be weary ex-lovers or any of that nonsense. I dont think there's nothing wrong with making her a supporting character. I think Boywonder hit on the head in terms of what would be best in her apperance. Like or not, she's a major supporting character and has appeared at least once in every Superman adaptation (even in the George Reeves and Kirk Alyn series I believe)
So chill Clois fanboys, she aint gonna be like how she is in Smallville. As a fan of Kristin/Lana I hope they fix that too and add some respectability and likeabilty back to her. But Singer has an opportuinty to start fresh.
Bottom line is: She doesnt have to be in there, but she isnt gonna damage the movie in anyway ( I mean got Bosworth as Lois so how bad could it be?) but if she isnt it, it's all good *shrug*

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