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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

^ Agreed.
Only reason it received (and still receives) an intense amount of online hate is because of the lack of quality from the first to the second. While I can't argue that the first was a more cohesive, well made film, the second one was still a fun movie to watch that had a lot going for it. I still really like it and like Kedrell said, it's one of the better superhero sequels IMO.
The main thing that pisses me off about IM2 detractors are those who say that 'SHIELD/Avengers stuff hijacked the film'; that if Marvel didn't insist on integrating elements from other franchises into the movie (Nick Fury, Cap's Shield, Coulson, etc) it would've been a much better movie.
Bullox. Horse crap. In total, I think SHIELD and Nick Fury had less than 9 minutes of screen time

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