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Default Re: I love Garfield!

Originally Posted by The Bruce View Post
I know he's not a comic book in the traditional sense. But I've loved him since I was a kid (back in the 80's he was king). Now I've started with a collection of his strip books. But are the books in constant print? I can't find Garfield weighs in (his fourth book). My OCD needs a complete collection
Dude, don't pay that ridiculous 54 dollar price.

Here, you can get it in "very good" used condition for 3.49 at Betterworldbooks (free shipping, like all Betterworldbooks books):

I always look on before buying used books anywhere else on the internet because as a charitable organization they avoid ripping people off to maintain their reputation. They sell donated books so anything they make is profit towards the charity. Only rarely do I buy used books through Amazon--I bought one there once this past year, and it was in pretty crappy condition. I wish I had paid another buck or two on Betterworldbooks because I have the feeling it would have been in slightly better condition. But anyway, most of the time they are both the cheapest and with the best condition on the books.

EDIT: If you HAVE to go through Amazon there's these copies, too, but you have to pay more plus shipping:

Still eleven dollars versus's not even a question.

RE: Garfield

You're right about the older strips actually being pretty funny sometimes. People (read: the internet) is pretty down on Garfield but there was actually a span of 10-15 years where it actually got me to chuckle quite a bit, which is rare for a newspaper comic strip. Obviously it's become a parody of itself and Davis isn't even the artist 90% of the time from what I understand, but at one point it actually was a big deal.

Also the holiday specials are still very enjoyable for me.

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