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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread is pooling its money to buy TNA

Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
Ok now that Daniel Bryan has been Booker T'd and, Ziggler has already been Christained for quite some time already, who is the next face in line to receive a decent push? Big E?
I really dont think it's the end for Bryan as a main eventer but WWE is really fuc-'d up for depushing Ziggler for no real reason and not giving Bryan the title. From what I hear Vince has become a force in WWE Creative recently and changing things as he sees fit so that MIGHT have something to do with it.

With that said, Both Big E and Cody Rhodes should be getting a good singles push between now and summer time. Vince and HHH really do need to stop punishing fans for supporting the wrestlers they dont want us to support it's counterproductive as hell.

WWE will always be the clear #1 company in pro wrestling as long as their next best competition is TNA, and TNA will always be the second-rate Mickey Mouse outfit with the creativity of a Xerox copier
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