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Default Re: What did you not like about Daredevil Season 2? Spoilers Ahead

I didn't like how Matt was portrayed after Elektra was introduced. I just had no interest or care for that whole storyline with her, the ninjas, Nobu, Stick, Black Sky, etc.

And I do think there was too much Karen. I think alot of her role with her interaction with Frank in the hospital should have gone to Matt, but they had him tied up with Elektra and her adventures.

I liked the whole thing surrounding the Punisher. From a shady DA, the gang turf wars, Fisk's involvement, and I was hoping there would be more to The Black Smith. I just think the ending with that was pushed aside for the Nobu/Elektra storylines. But perhaps we'll get more detail with the new Punisher series coming out.

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