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Default Re: What did you not like about Daredevil Season 2? Spoilers Ahead

Originally Posted by Pecola1 View Post
Likewise Foggy was also being blind. Foggy has a friend who for all he knows is saving the city daily, saving lives all the way, and when he shows up late to something instead of being understanding that, maybe he was being almost killed, saving lives, the city, and sacrificing everything for the city, he gets really mad and tells him to leave. (Obviously was not actually asking him to not come back, but he kinda gave him permission to for the purpose of guilting him, and then secretly hoping he would show up on time the next day.)
I have to agree. I would have actually preferred it if Foggy had at least TRIED to show some sympathy for what Matt's doing. Like, "I understand Daredevil is a part of you and I know that whatever you're doing as Daredevil is important, but you have a job here too, Matt."

Karen was pretty blind to how evil Frank was. Possibly because she even practically admitted she believes that what he does is ok. Basically she claimed that maybe since it works for him to murder villains, it should be allowed. Then she gets super scared and horrified when he kills people who were trying to kill her, and later swaps completely and tries to get him to stop. Pretending that this last kill would be different, almost as if it would be his first time "crossing over the line" as Frank put it to Daredevil. As if to say killing the people who work for bad guys is justifiable, but killing the lead 'bad guy' is a bad idea, wrong, and somehow worse and different from killing the others.
To be fair, I think Karen is projecting a lot on Frank.

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