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Originally Posted by Quasimod0 View Post
i think the idea of a connected universe is amazing. it so fun to see the same characters in different movies. if i get the chills when tony stark is mentioned in thor, God knows what will happen when i finally see the avengers together. anywho, is there really only one movie planned for 2012? im not complaining, the avengers is enough, but i was hoping that ant-man or sumthin would come out also. oh well, 2013 will just be more awesome then
The odds are good that there will be a second movie in 2012, possibly Ant-Man. Springboarding a new, lesser-known property off of Avengers' popularity is an opportunity they ought not to miss.
We'll know what's up by the end of Comic-Con.

I'd like to see another big slate announcement, like the one we saw when they announced the whole leadup to Avengers. They do need to get out there and squat on the release dates they want.

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