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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

Speaking of branding and brand unity, what's going on with TV?
They've got Guillermo del Toro working on a Hulk show--is that the future of the Hulk? Would that star Mark Ruffalo, or is it completely unrelated to the films?
Nevermind the prohibitive expense of portraying a character like the Hulk on TV in the 2010s, I submit that audiences have no tolerance for the confusion of two different feature film Hulks portrayed by three different actors plus a TV Hulk unrelated to either all existing within a span of about ten years.

A strategy that would make sense would be to mimic, say, the world of Bendis' Daredevil/Alias comics: all of the "street-level" vigilante characters crossing over, occasionally interacting with the other "tiers" of the Marvel universe (the high-stakes world of the Avengers, the world of magic and the supernatural, the world of the cosmic) but usually confined to their own little sphere. Set this within the film continuity! It's a bummer that you'd have to get by without Daredevil, but you could potentially mix in characters like:
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
The Punisher
Cloak and Dagger
Moon Knight
and more.

It seems like a waste of a tremendous opportunity if Marvel starts producing TV shows that are divorced from the elaborate work they're doing in features.

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