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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) -

Originally Posted by FigsNFilms View Post
7 / 10

Probably one of, if not the most overrated movies and/or event movies I've ever witnessed.

The first act was horrendously slow. They took the time to use five movies to weave all these characters together, and the movie takes forever to get going.

Some of the early scenes with Loki and the very cheesy looking Chitari were ripped straight out of a 90's Power Ranger show.

Saving grace of the film is humor, even though it at times undercuts meaningful scenes or doesn't allow for actual tension.

Even Coulson's death, apparently the now unifying and important character to bring the heroes together is even shrugged off with a line of humor.

Robert Downey Jr once again completely owns, and makes a rather un interesting character ... ridiculously charismatic and interesting. Without him I shutter to think what this movie would have been.

Loki isn't particularly threatning, or menacing. In fact he's quite the opposite, he's even played like a lachey via the alien race (who also doesn't intimidate or threaten)

At no point did I feel danger for our world, the civilians, or the heroes themselves. The alien race never did anything particularly brutal or scary to give an obstacle for the Avengers.

Evans as Cap is still odd choice to me given he doesn't really fit the part, IMO. And that costume (mask specifically) looked horrendously cheesy.

As did Hawkeye, him and his bow and arrow. Multiple scenes dragged between him and Widow. Who IMO again, don't even belong in the concept of the Avengers given how ridiculous they look with these 4 other super powered people and demi-gods.

The movie doesn't have a whole lot of internal logic. Who runs SHIELD? Who finances these ridiculous flying aircraft carriers? Why do they have the authority to NUKE MANHATTAN, which would essentially cause more damage than the easily defeatable and goofy looking Chitari?

Why was Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury? His character was nudered, and was so boring. Having Samuel Jackson snap on a group of superheroes would have been actually FUN to watch.

With that said they finally nailed the Hulk. The inherent concept is funny in of itself, is played for laughs, with alot less melodrama and it works to perfection.

Overall, pretty average. I wasn't even that stunned with any action sequence in particular. Too much obvious CGI.

This may sound like a hating rant, but it was my actual opinion of the movie. Very over-hyped fluff of a movie.
I'm sorry, you must have accidencently typed that instead of "OMG IT WAS BRILLIANT ADFFSSKSKA 10/10

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