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Default Re: BvS villain poll

Originally Posted by manofsteel4life View Post
I don't wanna see power suit lex at all but if they do go that route, I'd prefer down the line, it's way to early to have lex be an all out villain
That's a good point. I'd like President Lex to happen, after that he can suit up in the power suit.

I picked Lex, Metallo, and Deathstroke. Joker and Luthor would make more sense if there was already a solo Batfleck movie and another solo Superman.

For a Lex, Metallo, Deathstroke story, Lex wouldn't really be a physical villain, more just the mastermind pulling the strings. He creates Metallo to defeat Superman, and hires Deathstroke to kill Batman. In the end, Batman and Superman would have no solid evidence against Lex Luthor, and his image to the public would remain positive, setting up a President Lex/power suit storyline later on.

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