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Default Re: (Spoilers) Did Anyone Else Find It Sad...

Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
If she's dead and Cap's first scene opened with him visiting her grave, for some reason I think of Bond at Tracy's grave in FYEO.

Also the, scene with the radio playing a Brooklyn Dodgers game that Steve had attended was a great touch. I wouldn't mind a scene in Avengers or in Cap II where he happens to be at the Jackie Robinson Apartments on the former site of the Brooklyn Dodgers ballpark, Ebbets Field. Just a little reminder that so much of what Steve knew is now gone. Originally, 20 years had passed and yes, a lot can happen in 20 years-but 70 years is a drastic difference.
I really LOVE that idea. I have to trust that Joss will write something like that in to Avengers but the baseball angle would be perfect.

BTW- I love that they broadcast a unique part of the game. An inside the park grand slam would lead to instant recognition by Steve. They did so many little things right in this film.

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