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Default Re: Top 5 bruning questions about Days of future past

There are going to be some obvious time continuity problems if Rogue or Shadowcat are the time travelers. I wish it could be shadowcat because she is in the comics but obviously she wasn't even born in 1973. Neither was Rogue. Really, the only female character tied to the ORIGINAL trilogy that they could bring back from the future AND would make sense from a time continuity standpoint would be Mystique. If you think about it this could work:

- Magneto is already the leader of the brotherhood. They're not just going to throw his character away and make Mystique the leader like in the comic book story.
- Mystique's slowed aging would make it fit better in time continuity
- They could explain her "coldness" to brother-like Xavier. Maybe the psychic time traveling slowly removes her memory? I just know they're going to have to come up with something to make audiences believe someone would try to poison their 'brother' to death, even if you didn't agree with his political views.

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