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Default Re: Top 5 bruning questions about Days of future past

Most likely if they stick with a mind swap, it's going to be younger Xavier with older Xavier. Xavier is dead in X-3. So unless the twin brother thing pans out, which is kind of lame, I am hoping the swap took place right before Xavier died. Considering Stewart is in this, I think Bishop or someone else opens up the time continuum to send Xavier's conscience back to 1973. Maybe they'd pick up from the final credit scene from The Last Stand. The conscience getting swapped with another mutant is a little less believable.

That being said, if it's just a mind swipe, then the 1973 rosters are still really light as of now. And considering how heavy the cast is in the future, maybe future sequences are getting a lot more time than we anticipated... IF no physical time travel takes place.

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