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Default Re: When and how should Gwen Stacy die? - Part 1

Originally Posted by GwensNeckBrace View Post
Like others said, I feel like if she dies at the end of the trilogy, it'd end on a really sad note. If this is going to be a trilogy, I say kill her off in the second movie. But if there were say, four films, then I'd say develop her better in the second and kill her off in the third. And the comic scene would be SO BEAUTIFUL if they transitioned it onto film. I only want Gwen to die if her character is developed and they don't F it up.
Of course, killing her off in the second movie of a trilogy, especially if by arch-nemesis Green Goblin, would just draw parallels to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

But if a downer ending is the main goal, what about doing what Ultimate did and end the story arc/trilogy by killing off Peter Parker instead?

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